WATCH: Fox’s Bill Hemmer Interviews Floyd Family Lawyer Following News That Three Other Officers Have Been Charged


Ben Crump, the lawyer representing George Floyd‘s family, spoke with Fox News for an interview Tuesday afternoon two hours after the three other officers involved in Floyd’s death will reportedly be charged and Derek Chauvin’s charge is expected upgraded to second degree murder.

“The family is grateful that all the officers will be arrested, they’re grateful that the charges are being upgraded,” Crump told Fox’s Bill Hemmer. “We believe it should be first degree murder based on the fact the audio from the police body cam tell us what their mental thoughts were during this horrific ordeal. There’s a point where one officer says that, ‘I’m not getting a pulse, maybe we should turn him over on his side.’ Then officer Chauvin says, ‘No, we will keep him in this position.’ Quite literally to me, that says intent.”

Hemmer then pressed Crump if the family would be satisfied with a second degree murder charge for Chauvin’s role in Floyd’s death. Crump responded, “Well, the family wants first degree murder but they want to the fullest extent of the laws charged against him based on the evidence.”

Hemmer asked if thought Floyd was “tortured” because “he was African American or do you believe this is just the way this cop did business with too many suspects in that city?”

“Race played a major factor in this because we see too often whether it’s Eric Garner or whether it’s any number of African American men unarmed not posing any threats whatsoever, that they are killed by excessive use of force by police for whatever reason treats them differently than they treat white suspects,” Crump said.

“There cannot be two justice systems in America — one for black America and one for white America,” he continued. “There has to be equal justice for the United States of America. You can look at the data and you can see police excessive force charges and killings against black people and how the cops are often not held accountable.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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