WATCH: Fox’s Jessica Tarlov Calls Fellow Panelist ‘So Condescending’ in Tense Skirmish Over Covid Mandates


Tensions flared between Fox News contributors Jessica Tarlov and David Webb when they locked horns over the easing of indoor dining restrictions around the country.

Harris Faulkner hosted Tarlov and Webb on Monday as they discussed the plan for multiple states and cities to lessen the restrictions that restaurants have been dealing with throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Faulkner noted that this comes shortly after Joe Biden assumed the presidency, and when she asked Webb for his thoughts, the conservative radio host assessed that “the political calculus now matters.”

“Maybe they didn’t study business, but you need at least 30 to 40 percent in the door just to open the doors before you get to even the point of profitability,” Webb said. “This is really a failure by these liberal decisions, liberal mayors, liberal governors in a successful effort to remove President Trump and hurt Republicans while they destroyed lives from a health perspective and livelihoods from a business perspective all around America.”

Faulkner remarked that “we are in a world of hurt right now” before asking Tarlov to explain “what changed” with Democrats and their decision-making. Tarlov answered that the Biden administration is “fully focused” on speeding up vaccine distribution, but Faulkner asked, “were they following the science” from when hospitalizations were lower.

Tarlov disputed the notion of Democrats playing politics by remarking that New York City shut down indoor dining back in December, a month after Biden defeated Trump in the 2020 election.

“It wasn’t something that’s happening necessarily in these big blue cities and states just because they wanted to give Biden a pat on the back,” she said. “They did this in December and later in November. So it wasn’t about the election.”

“Jessica doesn’t follow the facts very well in this,” Webb followed up.

“So condescending,” Tarlov retorted as Webb continued to whack the Biden administration.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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