WATCH: Gary Cohn Repeatedly Dodges Question If New Tax Plan Will Benefit Trump Personally

During today’s White House press briefing, chief economic advisor Gary Cohn was thrown out at the beginning to do the hard sell on the GOP’s new tax plan. And while he tried to make the case that the middle class would greatly benefit from this proposal, he didn’t seem all that interested in answering questions on how this would benefit extremely wealthy individuals, such as our president.

With President Donald Trump having already said he wouldn’t see any real benefit from this tax reform plan — a claim that appears to be false — MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed Cohn on why he wasn’t being candid about the fact that Trump would see his taxes cut, pointing out he’d already dodged the question twice before.

And she got another dodge.

“Look, I told you, it will benefit the middle class,” Cohn said. “I think that is what American taxpayers care about — what they take home. They care about what they have to spend. That’s what they care about. I care about what I pay in tax. I bet you care about what you pay.”

“He is saying he won’t benefit, yet it appears that the way this is put together, he actually will,” Jackson pushed back. “It gets to the idea of wealthy Americans around the country — which people do care about.”

Cohn went on to say that the repeal of the so-called death tax will help small businesses and farms, apparently in an attempt to say that middle-class Americans will see those benefits, before moving on to another question and eventually walking off the stage.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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