Watch: German Police Engage in Maritime Standoff With Greenpeace

Since yesterday, we have witnessed massive protests in Hamburg, Germany, featuring activists and demonstrators clashing with police in sometimes violent displays. Protesters initially billed the protest as “Welcome to Hell” as they demonstrated against the G20 Summit taking place in the city.

With President Donald Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin today, the protests continued, with some Greenpeace demonstrators taking to the water to deliver their message. So then German police got in their boats and gave chase.

With MSNBC capturing the action, Kelly O’Donnell reported on what was going on in the Elbe River, pointing out that the protesters were very experienced on the water and avoiding law enforcement in these situations.

“They, of course, are almost professional in carrying out these kinds of protests,” she noted. “They are well acquainted with what they are doing on the water and trying to give us images that direct our attention to their cause.”

With the Greenpeace boats circling the police boats and flying along the river at high speeds, anchor Ali Velshi remarked how the protesters were egging on the police.

“It’s kind of remarkable watching the Greenpeace — they are provoking them and moving around them at high speed, almost challenging them come and get me and frankly they do seem to be out steering the police at the moment,” he stated.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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