WATCH: Glenn Beck Plays with Wizard of Oz Dolls for 10 Whole Minutes

If you thought the Wizard of Oz analogies at last week’s Obamacare hearings were over the top, wait until you see this new monologue from Glenn Beck. The host spent ten full minutes playing with dolls from the film Wednesday night in attempt to prove… well you’ll just to watch and see what you can make of the spectacle for yourself.

“It’s almost like I’m in a movie, and I just want to go home,” Beck said near the top of the segment, before pulling out the various figurines to show how Dorothy’s quest for “hope and change” ended with the Wicked Witch of the NSA, the IRS and Obamacare destroying everything she held sacred.

Along the way, we met Glinda the Good Witch (AKA Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell):

The Scarecrow (AKA Senator Lindsey Graham):

The Tin Man (AKA Senator John McCain):

And the Cowardly Lion (AKA House Majority Leader John Boehner):

Someday, Beck said he hoped he could wake up from this dream he finds himself in and say, “There was this guy, and the NSA, and the drones, and you were there!” But for now, there was nothing more for him to do than stand up, reveal the ruby slippers he’d been wearing all along and click his heels together. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

Watch the full video below, via TheBlaze:

[photo via screengrab]

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