Watch: Hannity Defends Ainsley Earhardt From Howard Stern Mocking Her Faith


Fox News host Sean Hannity defended colleague Ainsley Earhardt from radio commentator Howard Stern during an interview on Ainsley’s Bible Study set to air this week.

During the interview that will air on Fox Nation on Wednesday, Hannity brought up an episode of Stern’s show from May, where the radio shock jock mocked the Fox & Friends host’s faith.

Referring to Stern’s comments, Hannity said Stern “doesn’t seem to think ever about the majesty of God or the need for the spiritual component,” and “does not understand.”

“Howard’s gift is he’s raw. He’ll say what others won’t say,” Hannity said, before noting that Stern “was like totally making fun of your Bible study.”

“Yeah,” Earhardt replied.

“Now, I’ve interviewed Howard on radio and on T.V. I’ve admired him a lot. He’s a great champion. But I remember asking him, ‘Howard, I read that you go see a shrink five days a week… I read that you go home and smoke pot in your basement and watch porn.’ I’m like, ‘You have more money than God, you know, or almost as much.’ And he’s like, ‘I know, I know,'” Hannity explained.

“Honest as he is, he doesn’t have what you have, which is he doesn’t seem to think ever about the majesty of God or the need for the spiritual component,” Hannity continued. “There is no doubt in my life, in my mind, that we are mind, body, and spirit. There is a spiritual component to this experience on Earth. I have felt in moments of my life that I know I’m in the right place in my life. I have felt it. It touched me deeply. I knew it. I understood it. And I loved it.”

“You’re confident when you believe in God. So he was just making fun of it. You were talking about how, you know, you felt the presence of God coming in your life during a tough time,” the Fox News host said, adding that he thought Stern’s jokes made Earhardt “look good.”

Watch portions of Hannity’s appearance on the Fox Nation show above, which is set to air in full on Wednesday.

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