Watch Hannity Panic When Geraldo Trashes Bernie Sanders on Hot Mic During Victory Speech

Watch Hannity Panic When Geraldo Trashes Sanders on Hot Mic 

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.22.44 PMYou’ve really got to love live television sometimes. In a moment that will surely help Bernie Sanders more than it will hurt him, Fox News’ Sean Hannity had a moment of panic during Tuesday night’s West Virginia primary coverage when he tossed to Bernie’s victory speech, only to be greeted by an already-riffing Geraldo Rivera trashing the night’s victor. As you can plainly hear, Rivera doesn’t seem to care all that much when Hannity warns him his mic is on. That’s a funny part, but not the funny part:

Hannity: We’re going to dip in real quick and watch the socialist, Bernie Sanders, step up to the microphone. There he is. You know, to each according to his need, from each each according to his ability. Spread the wealth. Tax people at 98 %. That’s pretty much the message of Bernie Sanders.

Rivera: Annoying. This guy is so annoying.

Hannity: Your mike is hot!

Rivera: He’s so annoying. People who think that his supporters are going to go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.

what do you mean?


no, no.

it’s called —

Bolling: One of the most important things that came out of this evening, Sean, not who won West Virginia, not who won Nebraska. The most important thing that came out tonight, the exit polling shows 43% of Bernie Sanders supporters, 43% of Bernie Sanders’ voters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Catching Geraldo is mildly amusing, although unlikely to sway a single voter, except maybe in Bernie’s favor, but what’s really funny here is that immediately before and after Hannity freaked out because people might hear a legitimate, if candid, opinion, both he and Bolling mangled objective facts. First of all, Bernie is a “Democratic Socialist,” not a Marxist, and the idea that he wants a tax rate of 98% (usually quoted by conservatives as 90%) is also a lie. Sanders actually joked that he would definitely not go as high as 90% because “I’m not that much of a socialist compared to Eisenhower.”

Seconds later, Bolling misstates the results of the West Virginia exit polls, which showed that 44% of Bernie Sanders supporters say they will vote for Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders in November.

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