comScore Joe Scarborough Says 'Moscow Mitch' 9 Times in 2 Minutes

Watch Joe Scarborough Say ‘Moscow Mitch’ Nine Times in Less Than Two Minutes

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough is all in on dismissing Senator Mitch McConnell with “Moscow Mitch” and showed as much during a brutal Wednesday morning harangue.

McConnell’s political future seems a bit less rosy after his home state of Kentucky, which has forever been the reddest of red states, appears to have elected a Democratic governor. This was the news peg used by Scarborough, who quickly used it to pivot to one of his favorite terms to deride the Senate Majority Leader.

A rough transcript of Scarborough lacing into McConnell:

“You know who else it’s about, and we’ve talked about it, the guy that a lot of people in Kentucky certainly around Lexington and Louisville call Moscow Mitch, even some people in the rural areas starting to call him Moscow Mitch because they don’t understand why he continues to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding and not listening to Trump’s FBI director, not listen to Trump’s CIA director, not listen to any military people that keep warning Moscow Mitch to put up these safeguards to protect American democracy, which all of Trump’s Intel people say this is the greatest threat to American democracy, but Moscow Mitch keeps ignoring it.”

In the less than two minute segment, Scarborough mentioned the derisive moniker “Moscow Mitch” NINE times, which you can see above, via MSNBC.

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