WATCH: Justice Ginsburg Says Sexism Was ‘Major Factor’ in Clinton Defeat

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes sexism played a “major” role in Hillary Clinton’s election loss and Donald Trump’s win last November.

In an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose, Ginsburg was asked about misogyny in the political process and she did not hold back, despite the fact that SCOTUS justices are often expected to mute their political opinions. Rose asked the eldest justice if she thought sexism had a hand in the election results, to which Ginsburg responded, “I have no doubt that it did.”

“The more women out there doing things…Women come in all sizes and shapes. To see the entrance of women into places where they were not there before is a hopeful sign,” she added.

Ginsburg also said America “came pretty close” to electing a woman president, which she saw as progress.

Ginsburg made remarks about Trump throughout the election cycle that many saw as improper — given her status as a lifelong civil servant above partisan politics. These anti-Trump comments include calling the now-president a “faker,” saying that she did not even want to “contemplate” the idea of his presidency, and even joking about leaving the US for New Zealand. Ginsberg would later go on to call these statements “ill-advised.”

However, as Trump has been known to do, he fired back at the justice via Twitter by suggesting that Ginsburg is senile and should resign.

Ginsburg serves as one of the three women on the Supreme Court bench, with justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor making up the other two.

Watch above via CBS News.

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