WATCH: Kids Barge In During Live News Segment, Hilarity Ensues

The children of Professor Robert E. Kelly of Pusan National University in South Korea stole the spotlight from their father during a BBC segment on Friday — with hilarious results.

Professor Kelly was discussing the political situation in South Korea via Skype when a toddler girl wearing glasses does a dancing stroll through the door. The interviewer alerted to the presence of the child, and the guest deftly tried to motion her out while staying focused on the camera.

The situation reached a new level of humor when a baby in a stroller walked through the open doorway. A woman then rushed in, scooped the kids up, and did her best to get the children out of the room. It took a few moments, however, as the woman had trouble handling the bulky stroller (with baby inside) and the protesting girl. She finally got them out, and stayed low as she closed the door.

Professor Kelly kept his composure through the whole ordeal, and repeatedly apologized for the disruption.

Predictably, the video of the children went viral. The U.K’s Telegraph deemed the segment “the funniest interview of the year.” Hollywood Reporter also spotlighted the “two gatecrashers,” and revealed that the children’s interruption “had the BBC newsroom howling with laughter.” You can see why in the video above.

(H/t: Philip Lewis of Huffington Post on Twitter)

[featured image via screengrab]

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