Watch Kimmel Host The ‘Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards’


In reaction to President Trump’s Fake News Awards, Jimmy Kimmel decided to have an award show of his own.

Kimmel said that it was “thoughtful” of Trump to honor those in the media with such awards and on behalf of the media, and said they should “extend the same honor to him.”

“Tonight, I’m pleased to present The Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards,” Kimmel began.

The first award of the evening was for Best Fabricated Numbers. The nominees were The Number of Illegal Voters, His Time Magazine Covers, and His Net Worth. The winner was The Number of Illegal Voters. Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez accepted the award on behalf of illegal voters.

The next category was The Least Convincing Display of Love. The nominees were when Trump said he love women, his children, and the Mexican People. The Mexican People took home that award and Guillermo also accepted that award.

Then came the award for Best Self-Proclaimed Bestness. The nominees were when Trump said he knew tax laws more than anyone, when he said there was “nobody bigger or better at the military” than he was, and when he said he “has the best words.”  The winner of that award went to Words.

Finally, the “biggest award of the night” was for “Outstanding Achievement in Obama Fiction.” The nominees were when Trump said President Obama was born in Kenya, when he suggested Obama was a Muslim, and when he claimed Obama was “the founder of ISIS.” And the winner of the award went to ISIS.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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