WATCH: Laura Ingraham and Dan Bongino Clash With a Bishop Over MAGA Hats in Off the Rails Segment


A panel on Laura Ingraham‘s show with Dan Bongino and Bishop Talbert Swan went off the rails on Wednesday when talk turned to MAGA hats, the Covington high schoolers and Donald Trump‘s views on race.

It all started when Ingraham asked if the MAGA hat-wearing Covington Catholic High School student “triggered” the Black Israelites and the “activist” with his pro-Trump cap.

“You have a kid standing there in a MAGA hat and a political expression on it, motionless with a smile on his face while an adult confronts the kid, and yet, I don’t know what tape the bishop is watching,” Bongino replied. “What do these kids do wrong?”

“I was watching the same video you are watching…There’s a lot more to the video than just that point. You cannot sit here and tell me that these young men were not ridiculing, that they were not jeering…” the Bishop replied, while Ingraham attempted to interrupt.

Ingraham then noted he was a “man of the cloth.”

“You are a man of the cloth that I know you don’t advocate violence and you agree I would imagine that nonviolence, standing there even wearing a piece of clothing that people find objectionable is not grounds for them threatening to kill them, to burn them, destroy their lives. I know you know that,” Ingraham told him.

Talk then turned specifically to the MAGA hat.

“Simple question, is the MAGA hat racist?” she further pressed.

“When it comes to the MAGA hat, it’s a piece of clothing that represents Donald Trump and everything that comes along with Donald Trump,” Bishop Swan replied.

“So is that a yes?” Ingraham probed.

Then after calling Trump an “unrepentant racist,” Swan continued on: “the MAGA hat to many, is representative of a Klan hood or various other symbols of racism. Absolutely. It absolutely is”

“What is going on here? Is this real?” Bongino chimed in. “Did he just laid out on cable television?”

“How, how?” Ingraham asked.

“I absolutely said that,” the Bishop replied.

Bongino then called it one “of the dumbest comments on cable television” he’s ever heard before the heated debate raged on.

Watch above, via Fox News


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