Three Dead, Seven Injured in Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting (UPDATED)



Local media is reporting that at least seven people were injured in a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. City Marshal Brian Pope has told sources that there are potential fatalities, but the shooter is dead, having taken his own life.

The shooting happened about 20 minutes into a 7 p.m. showing of the movie Trainwreck, according to The Advertiser, which quoted theatergoer Katie Domingue.

Watch this report with eyewitness account via, CNN:

Watch the police press conference report below, via CNN:

UPDATE––10:07 p.m. EST: Governor Bobby Jindal tweeted that he is heading to Louisiana:

Witnesses said that they heard a “pop” as if from a firecracker before seeing an older white male walked into the theater and opened fire. Numerous figures are on the ground and on Twitter as news is pouring in:

UPDATE––10:09 p.m. EST: Jim Craft, the chief of Lafayette’s police is on the scene. He spoke to CNN that he is currently trying to address the scene, sweep for any explosive devices, and get word from witnesses.

UPDATE––10:13 p.m. EST: The police’s most recent report is that there are two confirmed fatalities, including that of the shooter. A reported eight people have been injured. The scene is currently on lockdown by authorities.

UPDATE––10:29 p.m. EST: Clay Henry, the vice president of Acadian Ambulance, has said that the latest report was that there were eleven transports: two dead on arrival, and there are now a reported total of nine injured. Henry said that reports have suggested some injuries were various in severity, with three in critical condition.

UPDATE––10:42 p.m. EST: The shooter was reported on CNN to be age 58, and his body is being attended to by a coroner.

UPDATE––10:56 p.m. EST: Police said that the shooter has been identified, but declined to release the name at the time, citing the police’s need to continue their proceedings. Col. Mike Edmonson said that the theater next to the Grand 16 has also been occupied by law enforcement, and it is currently not believed that the shooter took any action outside the theater at the time.

Jindal spoke to KATV, praising the first responders and expressing his condolences to the families of those injured in the attack.

UPDATE––11:27 p.m. EST: Amy Schumer, the star of the movie in question, tweeted about the shooting:

UPDATE––11:56 p.m. EST: State police have urged media and onlookers to back away from Grand 16, saying that a suspicious package has been found at the scene.

UPDATE––8:24 a.m. EST: The gunman has been identified as John Russell Houser, according to the Associated Press.

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