WATCH LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Holds Second Impeachment Hearing

The House Judiciary Committee will hold its second impeachment hearing today, in which, Democrats and Republicans will present their evidence for whether or not President Donald Trump ought to be removed from office. The hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. ET.

The hearing will begin with statements from Democratic and Republican lawyers of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees. After this, the committee will consider the evidence against Trump and his allies, then determine what impeachable charges can be drawn from the Ukraine scandal.

Today’s hearing comes after the House Intel Committee released its findings on Trump’s attempt to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigating his political foes, and it also comes after the Judiciary heard from Constitutional scholars who assessed whether there are sufficient grounds to impeach. Lawyers from both parties will be called as witnesses to give their analysis, but even though Trump’s legal team was invited to participate in these proceedings, they refused to send anyone, condemning the impeachment inquiry as illegitimate.

The hearing will be crucial to the formulation of articles of impeachment, which will contain the precise charges Congress will level against Trump. The vote to proceed is expected to succeed but will fall on party lines as Democrats and Republicans continue to dispute each other over Trump’s alleged wrongdoing.

Watch above, via PBS.

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