WATCH: Obama Gives Rose Garden Address on Syria

President Barack Obama is set to give a statement from the Rose Garden at 1:15 ET (Now delayed) on the escalating situation in Syria, after assembling his National Security Council late Saturday morning.

While military action against the government of Bashar al-Assad is widely reported to be imminent, according to both public and private signals from the White House, Obama has not discussed any specifics of a proposed strike. The assemblage of his security team and setting of the address seem to indicate that he has determined a course of action.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry made the case that the United States was convinced Syria had used chemical weapons in an attack that killed up 1,500 of its own citizens, one-third of them children, an action the U.S. said it would seek to deter through military response.

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Obama is expected to brief senators and congressmen throughout the weekend.

Watch the statement below, via Fox News:

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