WATCH LIVE: Trump Meets Kim Jong Un in Historic Summit


Motorcades for President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are both en route to the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island, where the two leaders will hold their historic meeting. The main event is scheduled for 9:00 p.m. ET.

The two leaders will be meeting to talk about the nuclear disarmament of North Korea and establishing a framework for peace in East Asia. The meeting comes after months of tension between them, with Trump and Kim hurling insults at each other and threatening to cancel meetings with each other.

It isn’t clear what conditions Pyongyang might be willing to accept for relinquishing their nukes, so Kim and Trump will first need to establish a communications channel and a mutual understanding of denuclearization. The two leaders and their translators will be the only ones attending their meeting, which might present an additional complication to their diplomacy.

Trump is most likely hoping that he can strike a deal with Kim in order to bounce back from his contentious, recent meeting with the G7. Trump clashed with several of his fellow world leaders over the weekend, and multiple international officials condemned him for refusing to endorse the communique at the end of the conference. Trump currently seems to be most upset with France’s Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, both of whom were slammed by the president and his team over the last few days.

UPDATE: Kim has arrived at the hotel.

Trump arrived shortly after.

UPDATE: And there we have it.

UPDATE: Trump addressed the media after first emerging with Kim from their private meeting.

Watch above via TIME.

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