WATCH LIVE: Trump Participates in FBI Graduation Ceremony After Slamming Agency


President Donald Trump is headed to Quantico, Virginia Friday morning to participate in the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony.

The event, which kicks off at 10 a.m. EST, comes as the president’s attacks on the FBI reached a fever pitch earlier this month — and just today, Trump told reporters at the White House that “people are very, very angry with what’s happening at the FBI.”

Frustrated with the accelerating federal probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia, Trump recently lashed out against the bureau, claiming in a tweet that its “its reputation is in Tatters – worst in History!”

He has also waged a campaign of insults against former — and still popular — FBI director James Comey, who he fired in March and has since called a “a liar” and “a leaker”

And another former FBI chief, Robert Mueller, is running the investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties. Trump has fiercely criticized the investigation, repeatedly calling it “the greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history.”

His political allies have followed suit, with many calling for the Mueller investigation to be disbanded — calls that have grown since an agent was dismissed from the probe after he called Trump a “fucking idiot” in a text, amongst other things.

Some of Trump’s more strident supporters, including a bevy of Fox News pundits, have taken their criticisms of the investigation further: Gregg Jarrett declared the investigation corrupt and compared the FBI to the KGB, while Jeanine Pirro called for a “cleansing” at the FBI, as well as the arrest of Mueller and his team.

Watch the graduation ceremony above, via the White House.

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