Mall Santa Gets Beard Caught During Big Entrance, Elves Try To Save Situation, Megyn Kelly Cracks Up

For some people, the Christmas season begins as early as the day after Thanksgiving or even Halloween. For me, though, it isn’t Christmas time till we are officially on the last page of the calendar. It just makes sense. I also don’t really get in the spirit until someone in a Santa costume has a comically horrible accident and the whole thing gets caught on camera. That makes less sense but it’s a family tradition for me so lay off.

Fortunately, thanks to a Florida mall Santa, the most magical time of the year is upon us.

Yeah, a Santa in the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens attempted to do an exciting show for the children by rappelling from the ceiling down into the food court. Unfortunately, his fake beard got caught in the rope, forcing the elves to try and distract the kids as he flailed about helplessly.

The whole thing is pretty humorous, especially when you have color commentary from a giggling Megyn Kelly. However, the funniest moment of the day belongs to Shepard Smith. When Kelly tossed his way, Smith dryly intoned that “That’s what he gets for impersonating Santa Claus.” Yeah, for shame, mall volunteer!

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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