WATCH: Man Calls Out MSNBC’s Maskless Cameraman During Segment on People Not Wearing Masks


An MSNBC segment on people not wearing masks is getting a fair amount of attention today for a short, rather direct comment made by a passer-by during the live hit.

NBC News correspondent Cal Perry was reporting from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Memorial Day, saying, “It’s as it it’s any other Memorial Day. Totally packed. Thousands of people.”

He said social distancing measures restaurants are implementing aren’t really working. telling Katy Tur, “There doesn’t seem to be any social distancing and not a lot of care when it comes to the coronavirus.”

“Are people there just not worried about it, Cal?” Tur asked. “They’re not worried about their own personal safety?”

As Perry talked about what he’s heard from people in the area, he went back to the mask issue and said, “Nobody’s wearing ’em.”

A man walking by then remarked, “Including your cameraman.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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