WATCH: Mark Levin Rifles Through Piles of Books, Blasts New York Times in Long Rant Against Media’s ‘Anti-American’ Bias


In a long, disjointed rant, Fox News far right pundit Mark Levin rifled through a pile of Post-It-marked journalism books, blasted the New York Times as anti-Semitic, and accused the mainstream media in general of hating Trump and having an “anti-American” bias.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Levin unleashed a torrent of anger at the press which he said has a “credibility problem, thanks to them.” He was reiterating a claim that he has made repeatedly — and that President Donald Trump has retweeted, and which has been heavily mocked for its peculiar, self-defeating logic.

“They’ve turned off half of America. They treat half of America with utter contempt,” Levin said. “So of course, the public is turning on the press. The president has every right to defend himself.”

“I brought some books, books I’m sure journalists don’t have the capacity to read,” Levin declared. He then proceeded to hold up as props a number of different books, including three journalism textbooks that he acidly dismissed one-by-one by saying: “Never heard of it.”

Levin then turned to three different examples that he sought to praise, but barely took the time to riffle the pages of each one before dropping it and picking up the next one.

“I have special one for the New York Times, with its anti-Semitic problem. See this book? It’s called Buried by the Times. Buried by the Times. See this book? The Abandonment of the Jews. See this one — I’ve read all these books — Beyond Belief,” Levin proclaimed.

“One final thing. This president has been nice to the media. Hello! Nice to the media,” Levin claimed, before running through a short list of past presidents who have curtailed or threatened press freedom, with Trump’s actions notably absent. “And yet, they hate him. Why do they hate him? Because he’s pro-american and they are anti-american. That’s the only explanation. That’s it.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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