WATCH: Morning Show Hangs Up on Oprah Winfrey Mid-Interview

Chicago’s WGN Morning News celebrated its brand new 9-10am hour this morning by welcoming a very special guest: Oprah Winfrey. But unfortunately, in the middle of the big phone interview, the show accidentally hung up on her.

Winfrey was mid-sentence, plugging some of the new offerings on her OWN network, when she cut off and an automated voice said “Transfer.” The show’s hosts were visibly crestfallen, holding heads in hands and laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

“We are such a pack of morons,” host Robin Baumgarten lamented, throwing a crumpled piece of paper at the camera. “How do we cut off the one guest we’ve had that people might be interested in watching?”

When the show got Winfrey got back on the line, she said, “You guys have some kinks to work out.” She said it definitely wasn’t her fault. “I’m just sitting her on the phone talking and all of a sudden music comes in and I’m like, ‘OK, I guess that’s my cue,'” she said. “It’s like you’re standing at an award show and the music starts. Oh, OK, that’s my cue to shut up.”

Watch video below, via WGN-TV:

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[photo via screengrab]

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