WATCH: MSNBC Debate on CA Primary Goes Totally Off The Rails As Guests Hurl Insults at Each Other

On MSNBC Wednesday, host Katy Tur had her hands full when guests Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum and RNC Committeeman Shawn Steel jumped right into a fight just after being introduced on the segment.

The conversation went off the rails just after the first question, when Republican Steel began answering Tur’s question about ‘the Trump effect” and described Los Angeles as a “third-world kind of, poverty-stricken area.”

Tur and Shrum began to chuckle, prompting Steele to respond to Shrum, “well you live there, so who’s crazy?”

“Why don’t you answer the question instead of just trashing Los Angeles,” said Shrum.

“I’m trying to talk Katy not to you,” said Steel.

At one point Steel called Shrum a “good Democrat hack partisan”, and Shrum told Steel “why don’t you just shut up” and everything was pretty chaotic and, frankly, a little hilarious.

They manage to get it under control until just before the end of the segment, closing appropriately with a little more bickering. “There he goes again,” said Steel of Shrum before both laughed as Katy teased the next segment.

After which, one assumes, she probably had a glass of water and a deep sigh.

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