Watch: New Interrogation Tapes Show Jodi Arias Detailing Breakup With Travis Alexander, Insisting She’s Innocent

On Monday night, Nancy Grace aired Jodi Arias interrogation tapes that the jury hasn’t seen “and may never see.” In the footage, Arias talks to the police about her breakup with Travis Alexander, their “unhealthy” relationship — and also stresses her innocence.

“When we broke up well, it was kind of a mutual thing but I sort of more broke up with him and it was kind of hard because I really loved him,” Arias is seen saying in the tape, “but I just realized without trust you really can’t have anything and I had violated his trust.”

The police question her about whether this was the primary reason they broke up or whether it had to do with an “unhealthy” relationship due to their sexual activity. Arias goes on to speak about how she lives her life by the Ten Commandments in addition to answering more questions about their unhealthy relationship.

Asked “who did this?” Arias said she didn’t know, adding, “If I am convicted this whoever did this is going to be sitting very pretty somewhere glad that it wasn’t them.” What follows is more back-and-forth between Arias and the police officer, who insists it’s “obvious” that she did hurt Alexander and attempts to decipher Arias’ motivations.

Take a look at a portion of the tapes below, via HLN:

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