WATCH: NY Times’ Charles Blow Defends Kavanaugh Accuser With Emotional Retelling of His Own Assault

New York Times columnist Charles Blow referred to personal experience on Wednesday night when he defended Christine Blasey Ford from skeptics of her sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

In a panel discussion with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Blow said political observers should “calm down and take a step back” if they’ve never experienced childhood sexual assault. Blow argued that Ford’s long silence about her alleged abuse is understandable, making his point by invoking the story he told in his 2014 memoir about how he too was a sexual assault victim as a child.

“For us, it is a living thing that lives in our bodies,” said Blow. “I can’t say I thought it every day, but I thought about it all the time. It was a living memory. It didn’t move in my brain like other memories to the back where it starts it to fade. You think about it all the time.”

Blow added that he believes it’s “crazy” for Ford’s critics to give her a week and think that’s enough time for her to mentally prepare herself to either come forward or be written off as “invalid.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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