WATCH: Peter Navarro Attacks Dr. Fauci and Pushes Hydroxychloroquine in Wild 19-Minute Slugfest With John Berman on CNN


White House trade advisor Peter Navarro and CNN’s John Berman renewed the wild clash they had three weeks ago on Wednesday morning — with the two doing battle for 19 minutes in an off-the-rails throwdown.

After a somewhat genial opening exchange in which Navarro promoted a deal struck between the government and Kodak to manufacture generic drug ingredients, Berman confronted the White House senior adviser on President Donald Trump promoting the work of coronavirus conspiracy theorist Dr. Stella Immanuel.

“She says alien DNA is used in medical treatment,” Berman said. “Gynecological issues caused by sex with witches and demons in dreams. Scientists creating vaccine to prevent people from being religious.”

“I know you’re having fun with this,” said Navarro, interjecting.

“Oh God, I’m not having fun with this,” Berman said. “I’m deadly serious. My question is … Why lean on Stella Immanuel to make a medical point?”

Navarro tried to pivot to hydroxychloroquine, and encouraged Berman to seek out Dr. William O’Neill — a cardiologist in Detroit who has been studying that drug’s impact on the coronavirus. But Berman noted that the president has not been touting O’Neill’s work, but rather, Immanuel’s.

“He talked about Stella Immanuel,” Berman said. “He talked about this doctor who promotes demon seed.”

“I have absolutely nothing to say about that,” Navarro said. “I know nothing about her. And if you want to use me as a prop to play her clips…”

From there, the conversation moved on to hydroxychloroquine — with Navarro pushing the drug fervently.

“I stand by it,” he said. “I’m sitting on millions of doses of it.”

Navarro invoked a study done by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, which found hydroxychloroquine to be an effective treatment of the virus. But Berman noted that study has its critics, given that it wasn’t randomized — meaning researchers selected the people to whom they administered the drug.

“You’re making it sound like there are two sides to this,” Berman said.

“There are two sides,” Navarro countered. “There are two gigantic sides.”

Berman then played a clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci stating “the overwhelming, prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in coronavirus disease.”

Navarro then renewed his attacks on Fauci.

“Back in January, when I said there was probably going to be a pandemic and Dr. Fauci there wasn’t, who was right?” Navarro said. (In a pair of January interviews, according to Politifact, Fauci did say there was “nothing to worry about” with regard to the virus, but noted that the situation could change.)

The White House trade adviser went on to trash Fauci further.

“In February when I said that we could maybe get a vaccine by the end of the year, and Dr. Fauci was on ABC news saying it would take a year, a year-and-a-half to develop and another year and a half to manufacture, who looks like they’re going to be right on that?” Navarro said.

An exasperated Berman asked, “Do you think you’re more right on the science than Dr. Anthony Fauci?”

“Globally, no,” Navarro replied. “But certainly — you said this on the show. It was ironic that the doctor of economics actually had the pandemic right, and the doctor of medicine didn’t.”

“I never said that!” Berman said.

“Oh, pull the clip!” Navarro shot back.

“It’s nonsense.” Berman said.

The marathon slugfest continued from there — with Berman admonishing Navarro for referring to Covid-19 as the “China virus.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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