Watch: Plane Hits Car As It Attempts To Land

This video footage shows the nail-biting moments as a small plane prepares to land at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas — right as a car comes driving by.

The video was shot by pilot William Davis‘ wife, Kandy Davis, as he came in for a landing after his first solo round-trip.

The car’s passengers were completely taken by surprise, Frank and Heather Laudo, were taken completely by surprise, sharing that “We couldn’t see anything at all, and then… all of a sudden… equipment was falling into the car.”

But, as KVUE explains, warning and precautions were in place to prevent just this sort of accident from happening:

But here’s what the video doesn’t show: The word STOP is actually painted on the pavement, more than 50 feet from the north end of the runway. The angle of the recording does not show where the Laudos’ SUV would have stopped.

Airport management said drivers are supposed to stop when the runway is active. But moments before the Laudos’ vehicle crossed the path of Davis’ plane, his wife’s recording shows a white vehicle taking the same path.

As for William Davis, he is so shaken up by the accident that he’s decided to give up flying.

Check it out, via local ABC affiliate KVUE:

h/t KVUE

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