WATCH: Plane Lands on Crowded Highway, California Drivers Just Keep Doing Their Thing


California drivers are not easily shaken even, it seems, if a plane lands on a crowded highway right in front of them.

CNN showed video of the incident, which happened on Interstate 8 in San Diego County, California on Friday.

A student driver and her instructor had to make an emergency landing after experiencing engine trouble.

The landing, thank goodness, went well, but as CNN’s Ana Cabrera noted, what was even more remarkable is how the drivers reacted.

“And what gets me here is look at the reaction from everybody around them,” she said.  “They are still driving. Nobody is stopping. They are just moving over, just doing their thing.”

Even a small child in the car behind filming the whole thing seemed relatively unfazed by the plane in the lane.

“Watch out for the airplane!” the little voice is heard saying with the plane straight ahead.

Amazingly, no cars were hit and no one was injured.

Watch via CNN

[image via screengrab]

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