WATCH: Police Caught Brutally Beating Cameraman Outside White House Before Trump Photo Op


A stunning act of violence against a journalist was caught on tape Monday, moments before, and steps away, from where President Donald Trump delivered an address from the Rose Garden.

ABC 7 footage of the protests outside the White House caught police brutally attacking the cameraman, who was standing to the side of the road. The attack, which occurred near the White House moments before Trump declared himself “an ally of all peaceful protestors,” came as police reportedly sought to clear Lafayette Square so the president could visit St. John’s Episcopal Church. Tear gas was also used to disperse the peaceful protestors.

In the video, police in riot gear, armed with shields and batons, advance on protestors. One slams the edge of his shield into the photographer’s stomach and tries to take his camera. As the photographer and another woman run from the police, a different officer slams the woman with a baton.

After the park was cleared of protestors — and media — Trump made his way to the church, and posed in front of it for several moments, holding up a bible.

Watch above, via ABC 7.

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