WATCH: Rachel Maddow Previews Her Simpsons Debut

Last night, Rachel Maddow used an elaborate story about a small town in Norway that existed perpetually in shadow until they installed giant mirrors on the side of mountain to make the announcement that she will be appearing as a guest voice on this coming Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons. It all had to do with a classic Simpsons plot in which Mr. Burns hatches a nefarious plan to block the sun so people have to buy more electricity from his nuclear power plant.

From life imitating The Simpsons, Maddow smoothly transitioned to “The Simpsons imitating life.” Deeming her upcoming appearance “the best new thing in the world today,” Maddow said, “I can’t even introduce it any better, just roll it. It’s the best thing in my life. Ever.”

From there, Maddow debuted a short clip of her Simpson-ized character interacting with an old colleague, Kent Brockman, who is still stuck back in Springfield as the local anchor of the Channel 6 weekday news.

When the clip ended, Maddow told her audience, “I will never achieve anything this cool ever again in my life.”

Watch video below, via MSNBC:

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