Watch: Reporters Who Bravely Cover Hurricanes Are Our Patriots Of The Week

As hurricane Irene makes its way along the coast and up to the center of the world New York City, we can’t help but wonder… What are reporters assigned to cover the hurricane thinking right about now? We suspect it’s something like “@#%@^@%@!!!!” and “#$@% you, Don. Sitting there in that studio with your tan and your little mug and your big dumb face.” Covering bad weather is awful. And it’s made worse by the fact that people will watch video footage of you falling down over and over and over because your pain is hilarious.

These people are, truly, the unsung heroes throughout terrible storms, risking their comfort, hairstyles and sometimes even their lives (!) in order to make sure we’re informed and remain safe. That’s exactly why these reporters are our Patriots of the Week.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the gutsy men and women who have given memorable (and, sure, sometimes funny) reports on hurricanes:

Stephanie Abrams, The Weather Channel, via

Carly Swain, WCTI12, via

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