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Watch Richard Simmons Go From Tears To Loud Holiday Singing In 90 Seconds

Fitness and dieting guru Richard Simmons joined Sukanya Krishnan and Frances Rivera Wednesday morning on the PIX 11 Morning News, and he took them on a roller coaster ride of feelings — from tears to dancing and singing — that only Richard Simmons can get away with.

Simmons began the segment by confirming that he was not, in any way, sick (there were rumors about his health after he appeared pale and a little haggard on Dancing With The Stars last month — an image he attributes to bad lighting). He then went into the importance of eliminating obesity in children and how important it is to eradicate bullying.

Krishnan and Rivera — decked out in bedazzled red tank tops in honor of Simmons’ visit — then asked him about his personal experiences and how he feels when people put on weight after losing some with his program. Simmons started to get choked up, talking about the phone calls that he makes to those who put the weight back on, trying to cheer them up because they blame themselves. As tears welled in his eyes, Krishnan and Rivera deftly guided Simmons from the serious topic of weight gain to a much happier one — singing. After belting out a few lines of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” the three of them got up fro the interview couch and shimmied to Simmons’ rendition of “Happy Holidays,” which somehow included the lyrics, “Put the gravy on your thigh.”

This all occurred in the span of about 90 seconds.

Watch the full clip of Simmons’ appearance with Krishnan and Rivera below, courtesy of PIX 11 Morning News (the crying and dancing starts at around the 3:50 mark):

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