Watch: Rod Blagojevich Goes To Prison, While ‘Keeping Signature Attitude’

Fox & Friends kept a close eye on the home of former Illinois governor Rod Blagjevich as he prepared to begin his 14 year sentence in federal prison in Colorado this Thursday morning.

A throng of reporters surrounded the embattled politician’s home as he made his way into his car (not a Bentley, by the way), all while keeping “his signature attitude.” Jaunty!

“He’s got a great personality,” added host Steve Doocy. “He is a great politician who, as we now see, is going to jail because he broke the law.”

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As Blagojevich’s car sped off (after evidently ticking off another driver), the Fox & Friends crew noted that the former governor had been asked what he’d told his children before leaving, responding, curtly, “What did you tell your children?”

Have a look, via Fox News. And keep an ear out for a pretty good joke about Chicago politics:

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