Watch Rodman Sing a Sensual Version of ‘Happy Birthday’ to BFF Kim Jong-Un

Following his screamfest at Chris Cuomo yesterday and everyone he’s ever known backing slowly, sloooooowly away from his antics, Dennis Rodman took his love for Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un one step further, singing “Happy Birthday” to the North Korean dictator before an exhibition basketball game.

As 14,000 North Koreans and a team of former NBA players watched (and you can see them visibly cringing), Rodman unexpectedly broke into a low, sensual, and raspy rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Kim, whose birthday may be on Wednesday, according to Reuters. Rodman has insisted in the past that he and Kim have a “genuine friendship,” but that they’re totally just friends, just friends, only friends, not gay, but the kind of friends that are close enough for Rodman to defend Kim’s spurious imprisonment of American citizen Kenneth Bae, sparking outrage in the international community. ‘Cause that’s what friends do for each other.

If history’s taught us anything about people singing sensual, raspy versions of “Happy Birthday” to world leaders, it’s that Dennis Rodman is obviously in a steamy sexual affair with Kim Jong-Un. (Wouldn’t that explain everything? It would totally explain everything.)


Video and screengrab via Sky News

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