Watch Russell Brand Go on a Fascinating Rant About Drugs and Addiction

Appearing as the mid-show panelist on Friday night’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, comedian/actor/activist Russell Brand made quite an impression.

As anyone who has listened to any of his podcasts or seen one of his performances can attest, Brand has an uncanny ability to let loose with a florid string of phrases and sentences seemingly at will, regardless of the subject or topic. And while talking to host Bill Maher about addiction, Brand just unleashed what can only be described as a fascinating set of soliloquies.

When asked by Maher if fame is worse than other types of addictions:

“I’ve experimented on myself quite ruthlessly and extensively, not in laboratory conditions, I could have done with somebody in a lab coat to give me a cuddle it would’ve been useful. These are times when we live on the outside; external phenomena has stimulated us to a ludicrous degree. If you’re constantly broadcasting to people that they ought to be afraid that they are not good enough they can purchase somehow externally the feeling of well-being, then addiction for me is a natural conclusion of this phenomenon.”

Maher’s reaction: “I’m not going to fuck with that!”

Here is Brand waxing poetic about the different types of drugs he’s tried in his life:

“Heroin is relaxing, to relax and you let go of your life in the end. LSD is delightful to annihilate the concept of self, the biochemistry tapestry stimulated by a culture formulated in memory to see that thing busted apart by hallucinogens is a glory to behold. experience connection, to know in truth we are all one, the glory of the light I know you’re an atheist. these chairs have wheels on them for a reason. I liked LSD.”

And he wasn’t done. Check out the clip above, via HBO, to see more of Brand ranting.

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