WATCH: Sarah Sanders Gets Into Testy Exchange With John Roberts of Fox News Over Shooting

Fox News’ chief White House correspondent John Roberts was looking for serious answers from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the press briefing on Tuesday. What he got instead was mostly sass.

Roberts asked Sanders whether President Donald Trump has any concrete ideas for how to stem the tide of mass shootings that have plagued the country for years. Sanders replied that the president supports getting rid of bump stocks – which caused a significant increase in the destruction wrought in Las Vegas – and that she didn’t want to get into more specifics so as not to preempt an official White House statement which is forthcoming.

But Roberts was not satisfied. “On the broader problem of deranged individuals getting ahold of weapons and killing people indiscriminately, does he have any ideas on how to deal with this?” he asked.

Sanders stammered and gave a nebulous reply that conversations were happening soon.

“You would suggest he’s starting from scratch here?” Roberts said, pushing. “If he has to listen to a bunch people, if he doesn’t have ideas of his own, that would suggest he doesn’t have any ideas.”

“That’s not what I said. You’re taking my words out of context,” Sanders replied.

“Well could you explain?” he said.

“Well I was trying to before you interrupted me,” Sanders shot back.

“The president is very focused on mental illness, working with the health and human services department to determine the best path forward on that and what is available and allowed under the law,” Sanders said. “We are a law and order country and the president is trying to do everything that he can under his capacity to address these concerns and certainly when it comes to mental illness.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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