WATCH: SNL Cold Open Mocks Presidential Town Halls With ‘Surprise Bada**’ Savannah Guthrie, Nodding Lady, and Biden as Mr. Rogers


Saturday Night Live‘s cold open mocked the dueling Presidential town halls featuring a ‘surprise bada**’ Savannah Guthrie played by Kate McKinnon, Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

The skit featured a return of last week’s characters Joe Biden and Donald Trump during their town halls with Guthrie moderating Trump’s forum and George Stephanopoulos moderating Biden’s, with the camera cutting back and forth between the two scenes.

“You bet your short pants I am,” said Carrey as Biden. “This is going to be exciting, George. I’ve given everybody in the audience a glass of warm milk and a blanket. Now who’s ready to have some fun with facts and figures? Woo!”

Carrey dawned a classic red cardigan to mimic Fred Rogersa reference to a viral tweet by Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp that scoffed at Biden’s town hall with a Mr. Rogers comparison that quickly backfired as Twitter users favorably compared the late children’s television host to the Democratic presidential nominee.

Meanwhile, Baldwin continued to play the president grappling with Guthrie’s questions.

McKinnon’s Guthrie asked Baldwin’s Trump if he would condemn the QAnon conspiracy cult.

“You mean the group that thinks Democrats are a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, and I’m their messiah? I don’t know anything about them at all,” responded Baldwin’s Trump, met with laughter by the audience.

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