WATCH: Sochi Can’t Even Do the Olympic Rings Correctly

You had one job, Sochi Olympic Committee. One job. One thing that couldn’t possibly be bungled through corruption and incompetence. Double toilets? Okay. Lack of door handles? We can deal.

But you could not possibly mess up the unveiling of the Olympic Rings during the first ten minutes of the opening ceremony. That would be absurd! And yet you did it, turning the last ring into something that resembled Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nipple pastie.

(Hear that? That’s the sound of Beijing laughing at you.)

(Image credit: @BuzzFeedUK)

According to the official Sochi Twitter feed, though, there is no malfunction. There has never been a malfunction. Anyone who says there was a malfunction is against the revolution.

Watch below:

[h/t SBNation]

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