Watch: Stephen Colbert Brutally Asks Chris Christie ‘Who Likes You?’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got a rather rude reception from Stephen Colbert, who concluded his interview with Christie by asking him “Who likes you?”

On Tuesday night’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Christie sat for a lengthy, tequila-soaked interview in support of his new book. While Colbert threw in the odd shot here and there, he pulled out the big guns at the end of the second segment.

“Who is your constituency now? I mean, who is– who is– and I’m going to say this in the nicest possible way…” Colbert began.

“You know he’s screwing me now. That’s what’s going to happen,” Christie accurately joked.

“Who likes you?” Colbert asked.

“You do, Stephen!” Christie replied.

Pointing to his tequila shot, Colbert said “More of this and I might.”

Colbert then pointed out Christie’s historically low 15% approval rating when he left as governor, the people who dislike Christie for supporting Trump, and the Trump people who dislike Christie for writing his book.

“Who do you go to and they go, ‘Woooo! Chris Christie’?” Colbert asked.

Christie tried to joke his way out of the question, then oddly pivoted to snow removal in his own defense. As governor, Christie took heavy criticism for remaining on vacation in Florida as residents of his state suffered through s blizzard.

For those of you asking “Too mean?”, you’ve obviously never been to New Jersey.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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