Watch Steve Young Bite the Head Off a Raw Fish Live on ESPN

Steve Young, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, bit the head off a live fish during an NFL pregame show ahead of the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons showdown Monday night.

It’s not entirely clear why Young bit the head off a raw fish on live television, but I’ll do my best to describe the sequence of events leading up to the act of savagery.

As Young presents ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, a rowdy man in a Seattle hat shoves him around while wielding a raw fish.

“I’m a Seahawk!” he cries. “I eat Falcons for breakfast!”

He then shoves the raw fish in his mouth (not a Falcon, but that’s apparently unimportant) and attempts to rip the creature’s head off as a crowd assembled in the background gasps.

Young, apparently riled up by the Seattle man’s burst of Pacific Northwest pride, also grabs a raw fish from a mound on a table in front of them.

He too shoves the raw fish in his mouth, and after some wrangling, rips it’s head off and spits it out. The crowd goes wild.

While thoroughly enjoyable, the spectacle didn’t do much to rescue the Seahawks from the jaws of defeat. The home team was unable to recover from a brutal start against the Falcons that culminated in a return touchdown off a fumble in the second quarter.

They ended up losing 34-31, putting an end to an 11-game win streak on Monday Night Football.

Watch the raw-fish-eating-fest above, via ESPNC.

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