WATCH: That Time Acosta Called Out Sarah Sanders for Saying ‘When You’re Attacking FBI Agents…You’re Losing’


Donald Trump spent part of his weekend attacking the FBI for opening an investigation into whether Trump was a Russian agent, which reminded many of Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ 2016 tweet that attacking the FBI is a sign that “you’re losing.”

Trump reacted to the news that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into Trump after his firing of FBI Director James Comey by attacking the FBI in a series of tweets this weekend:

That tirade reminded several outlets of a tweet that Sander sent during the 2016 presidential campaign:

This isn’t the first time that tweet has gotten attention, though. Last April, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta confronted Sanders over that tweet after Trump pushed back on Comey’s book by unleashing a series of attacks on him.

“You’ve probably seen this tweet, it was a tweet that you posted before the election in 2016,” Acosta said, and then read the tweet to Sanders.”What do you make of that now?” Acosta asked.

“The rank-and-file FBI are some of the greatest people in this country,” Sanders said. “We’ve repeated that time and time again, and certainly have the full support of this administration. I think that we’ve been very clear, though, how we feel about some of the leadership at the FBI, particularly James Comey.”

“But when you go after Comey and Rosenstein and Mueller, doesn’t that mean you’re losing?” Acosta said, as Sanders rushed to take a question from another reporter.

Although Trump conspicuously failed to deny he was a Russian agent the first time he was directly asked about it on Saturday, he did tell reporters, two days later, that he “never worked for Russia.”

Watch the clip above, via The White House.

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