WATCH: That Time Trump Stunned Morning Joe Crew by Bragging About Kissing Katy Tur


NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Katy Tur wrote about then-candidate Donald Trump forcing an unwanted kiss on her before a 2015 appearance on Morning Joe, an incident which Trump then bragged about just seconds after it occurred.

Tur described the incident in her 2017 campaign memoir “Unbelievable,” with harrowing detail.

“Trump arrives. Word spreads. I take a few steps toward the entrance and see Trump’s private security detail, coming in just ahead of him. Despite my desire to avoid any interaction, I walk toward the front doors and spot Trump—who shifts his path ever so slightly so he’s walking straight toward me—barreling, really,” Tur wrote. “Suddenly he is so close I can smell what he had for breakfast. And then, before I know what’s happening, his hands are on my shoulders and his lips are on my cheek. My eyes widen. My body freezes. My heart stops.”

Tur also wrote that Trump seemed “very proud of himself,” but that she was “mortified,” thinking to herself “F**k. I hope the cameras didn’t see that. My bosses are never going to take me seriously. I didn’t have time to duck!”

Unfortunately for Tur, even though the cameras didn’t pick up the moment, Trump went on the air seconds later and bragged about it.

It all started when Tur made the mistake of complimenting Trump’s debate performance immediately prior to Trump’s appearance, telling co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski “I think the Trump campaign would say that he did really well last night, that he was able to state his positions eloquently. I thought we saw the same Trump we saw on the last debate, which was more of a conciliatory, more of a, not passive but less aggressive.”

The encounter with Trump apparently took place during a break between that segment and Trump’s appearance on the show, because Trump kicked off his segment by bragging about the kiss.

Scarborough observed that Trump “is being nice this morning,” and Trump explained that he had read something complimentary about his debate performance.

“It didn’t happen here, but actually, Katy Tur, what happened?” Trump said. “She was so great. I just saw her back there and I gave her a big kiss.”

“Really?” Brzezinski said.

“She was fantastic!” Trump said.

“Okay,” Brzezinski said, and as Trump started to speak, Scarborough said “I don’t even know what to say about that.”

“She was so positive about my performance last night, so it was great!” Trump gushed.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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