Watch the Intro to Ben Carson’s ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ Documentary Ad

This weekend witnesses the debut of Ben Carson‘s documentary TV ad so obviously geared towards establishing him as a Republican candidate for 2016. More than 30 channels across the nation will air the 40-minute special, entitled “Breath of Fresh Air,” on either Saturday or Sunday.

The ad starts out exactly as you might expect: Lots of medical imagery, including a flat-lining heart monitor (meant to signify America’s demise?); dramatic music set to video of Dr. Carson in scrubs at his hospital; footage of Fox News and CNN anchors discussing his possible 2016 run; and the neurosurgeon looking directly into the camera while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The pledge gives way to an unending two-minute female narration, full of disjointed sentences and awkward emphasis on arbitrary words.

Oh, and, what’s that? Is that a title card written in Times New Roman and other basic fonts? Yes, it is:

Carson has not officially confirmed his candidacy — his staffer says he’ll decide by April — but this ad makes it all too obvious the doctor intends to be the next president.

Watch the first section of the ad below:

And the full ad below:

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