WATCH The Moment a CNN Reporter Confronts Trump Fan Outside Rally with Proof Campaign’s Biden Video Was Faked

CNN captured the moment a Trump supporter learned that the Trump campaign had faked a video clip of former Vice President Joe Biden falling asleep during an interview — a priceless glimpse at the thought process in play this year.

On Friday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, anchor John Berman introduced a report on what he called “the deliberate misinformation campaigns being staged by President Trump and his campaign.”

The package featured reporter Donie O’Sullivan talking to Trump fans outside a recent rally in Bemidji, Minnesota, and asking them about their social media diets. In one interview, O’Sullivan asked a woman to read the fact check at the bottom of a Facebook post in her feed, and she literally cackled as she recited the long history of secure and fair mail-in voting in the United States.

But the standout moment was when O’Sullivan spoke to a biker-begarbed supporter of President Donald Trump, who criticized fact-checkers using a specific example.

“When they say ‘well, this is fact-checked, it’s wrong because it’s taken out of context’,” the man said, derisively forming scare-quotes, “Like when Joe Biden fell asleep during a live interview on television.”

He was referring to a debunked video shared by the Trump campaign that edited Biden into an old viral clip of Harry Belafonte, one of many such false videos shared by the campaign.

“You claim that he fell asleep, I think that was an edited one, right?” O’Sullivan said, to which the man replied “I didn’t think it was, it looked pretty live to me, there was no cuts in it.”

O’Sullivan then showed the man a video debunking the clip, which showed the original from which it was produced.

“It’s Washington Post,” the man said, wagging a finger at O’Sullivan with an accusatory smile, but as he watched, the Trump supporter’s face dissolved into several confused reactions.

“Even if it is fake, does it change your opinion of Biden?” O’Sullivan asked.

“God no,” the man said, and added “You got to sift through it. I missed that one. but it was a good laugh. It was a really good laugh, and like I said, I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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