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WATCH: The Moment The Monstrous Oklahoma Tornado Was Born

We’ve all seen the live aerial coverage of Monday’s tornado as it carved its devastating path through the suburbs of Oklahoma City, but what many haven’t seen is the moment the funnel cloud descended to the ground and formed the tornado that would wreak such havoc for the next 40 minutes.

An unidentified man in Newcastle, Okla., shot the following video from his car with tornado sirens blazing in the background. The footage shows the storm revealing a funnel writhing its way out of the clouds and eventually growing into a full-blown tornado touching the ground.

The twister seen at the beginning of this video is likely a fraction of the size the final F4 tornado we saw tearing its way through Moore, Okla., destroying medical centers, schools, and entire neighborhoods.

Think of this as the birthing video of a monster. The stuff straight out of nightmares.

Watch below, via YouTube user Charles Cook:

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