Watch the Original ‘Pro-Muslim’ CNNi Segment That Outraged the Alt-Right for Being ‘Staged’

Let’s take a look at the segment from CNN International that has caused quite a tizzy for online conspiracy theorists, shall we?

CNN is pushing back against critiques of a behind-the-scenes video which suggests that reporter Becky Anderson tried to set up a live shot in London that would make Muslims look sympathetic following last night’s terror attacks. Anderson’s segment focused on a group of “Muslim Mothers” who held up signs in support of London and in condemnation of ISIS.

While the editorial decisions here are up for debate, arranging crowds for background perspective is not an uncommon practice in the news shots, and CNN insists that the Muslim crowd was already nearby before they ended up in front of the cameras.

Watch above, via CNN International.

[Image via screengrab]

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