comScore Allison Janney Does West Wing 'The Jackal' for Arsenio Hall

WATCH: The West Wing’s Allison Janney Revives ‘The Jackal’ for Arsenio

Arsenio Hall is back on late night in a syndicated show after 19 years off the air. So it was only natural that he help revive another decades old relic last night: The West Wing classic “The Jackal.” Allison Janney, whose press secretary C.J. Cregg debuted the lip syncing performance on a 2000 episode of Aaron Sorkin’s presidential drama series, obliged Hall in delivering a completely undiminished version of the song.

There appeared to be almost no one in Hall’s audience who knew what Janney was doing, but there are plenty of West Wing fans who will undoubtedly appreciate this.

Watch video below, via The Arsenio Hall Show:

Janney also told Hall the story about how real White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recently welcomed her to Twitter by asking her to teach him how to do “The Jackal.”

You can watch the original West Wing version, in all its glory, below:

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[photo via screengrab]

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