WATCH These Kansans Destroy a Toilet and Pull a Snake Out Of It


Horror movies and bad plumbing have early ruined the experience of using something as basic as a flush toilet for many, many people. After all, when people sit on a porcelain throne, they make themselves incredibly vulnerable for a variety of reasons — mainly due to the fact that their junk is exposed. What if something were to come out of the toilet at that very moment?

As WFXG reports, this terrifying scenario almost happened to Kansas City resident Jami Garcia and her two sons on Sunday night. When her oldest boy, Andrew opened the toilet seat, he found the face of a ball python snake staring right back at him.

“He’s like, ‘Ewww, Mommy, go look in the toilet,” said Garcia, who logically responded: “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!”

The mother sought help from a few friends, but no one was able to get the snake out of the toilet. So they disconnected the toilet, brought it — snake and all — outside into the backyard, and smashed the plumbing with a hammer. That’s when they were finally able to remove the reptile.

“I’m actually real thankful they came out and got it because I have two kids,” Garcia told WFXG. “I know nothing about snakes so I didn’t know what to do.”

Ball pythons are by no means native to Kansas (or the United States for that matter). According to a local pet shop owner interviewed by the station, the species hails from Africa: “These are one of the best pets.”

Garcia and her family had moved to the house just the week before. They didn’t have any pet snakes, but according to the neighbors, the house’s previous tenants did.

Check out the clip above, via WFXG.

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