Watch This CNN Anchor Try With All His Might to Convince Man He Needs to Flee From Irma


With Hurricane Irma preparing to hit Florida this weekend, mandatory evacuation orders have been given to areas impacting 1.4 million people. The Category 4 storm — it was downgraded early Friday after days as a Category 5 — has already killed more than 20 people across the Caribbean as it absolutely decimated several islands.

However, while those living in low-lying and coastal areas of Florida have been told they need to flee, many are determined to stay put and ride the storm out. CNN anchor John Berman confronted one such individual today in Miami Beach. And during the course of their conversation, Berman tried his damnedest to convince the man to get the hell out of Dodge…including using the man’s four-year-old son as to hammer the point home.

“I have been here 15 years and been through so many storms,” Miami Beach resident Scott Abraham told Berman when asked why he was staying. “We have been told so many times to evacuate but, I feel like same kind of situation. I don’t think it’s going to hit us directly.”

Abraham added, “If it does, I think we’re pretty safe. We have food. We have supplies. We have everything we need. We live on the 11th floor. I think we’re okay to stay here.”

That is when Berman went into full salesman mode. The CNN anchor highlighted that Gov. Rick Scott told those in mandatory evacuation zones — like Miami Beach — are running out of time to get out. After Abraham said the roads are probably full now, Berman retorted that a reporter just showed there were some clear roads heading north.

“I guess I would reconsider if I talk to my wife and see what she wants to do,” Abraham said. “Otherwise, we are ready to rock ‘n’ roll with the storm.”

Berman wasn’t done, though. He told Abraham that they may be cut off for days due to the expected storm surge, to which the Miami Beach man noted that he has everything under control. This then led to the CNN host deciding to talk to Abraham’s son, Alexander.

And what was Alexander’s response to Berman asking him if he was scared? “I’m not afraid.”

“Alexander, you are one brave guy,” Berman told the young boy. “I hope you can convince your father to change his mind over the next several minutes.”

At the end, when Berman threw it back to the studio, host Poppy Harlow commended him for being a “good salesman,” stating that Berman perhaps got the man to reconsider staying.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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