Watch This Obnoxious ‘Headband Bro’ Storm the Court to Yell at College Basketball Coach

Sometimes college sports fans can be the worst. We’ve all experienced it — the drunken shouting, the embarrassing chants, the dudebro faux-machismo. Though, to be fair, that does sound like a lot of sports fans in general — not just college-attending ones.

A University of California, Santa Barbara hoops fan fulfilled his duty to be obnoxious on Thursday evening during a game against the University of Hawaii; and he now faces legal action for it.

When U. Hawaii coach Gib Arnold argued a foul call with the ref, a young man hereby known as “headband bro” flew out of the bleachers and onto the court, getting right up in the coach’s face. Two Hawaii players shoved the student away and he immediately retreated before being escorted out of the arena by security.

And now headband bro is in trouble:

“The student will obviously face legal action,” Santa Barbara athletic department spokesman Bill Mahoney said. “He will also be subject to action from a judicial review board through UCSB student affairs. … I can’t speculate on the penalties.”

Watch the outburst below, via ESPN:

[h/t and featured image via HyperVocal]

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