comScore Watch This SNL Deodorant Ad Targeting The ‘Next’ Sexual Predator

Watch This SNL Deodorant Ad Targeting The ‘Next’ Sexual Predator

SNL had some fun at the expense of sexual predators who have yet to be exposed by the #MeToo movement with a spoof ad.

The commercial began showing several men sweating in “all sorts of stressful situations” in the office, the bar, and a public restroom.

“Yeah, I’m a guy. The way I sweat, my regular deodorant wasn’t cutting it,” Will Ferrell spoke to the camera while walking through the office. “I work hard, I play hard. And something’s coming out about me real soon… because I’m ‘Next.'”

The “Next” antiperspirant is meant for “men who are feeling the heat” because their “#TimesUp.”

“In my line of work, sweat comes with the job,” Kyle Mooney said just before taking the stage to do standup. “And ever since those rumors came out about me, it got a lot worse.”

An actor on the red carpet — played by Alex Moffat — said he needed an antiperspirant that’s gonna “keep working” with him… “because no one else will.”

“Next” promises “clinical strength” for when the “truth comes out about you.”

“You’re disgusting,” Kate McKinnon told Ferrell in the elevator.

“But my pits aren’t,” he responded as he smiled to the camera.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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